Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Joy of Feeding Vivian

For some reason I have been treating Vivian like a little baby for a lot longe than I ever did with Emma.  We are SLOWLY transitioning her into more table foods.  She has been doing more and more what is shown in this video so I am no longer going to be giving her the strained baby food.  She just doesn't want to be a baby anymore and I need to let go myself.  :)  Silly kids. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Adventures

This summer we've been able to get out a little bit and enjoy some quality family time. A few week ago we decided to go camping. A friend of mine told me about a camp site not too far from our house that was free for use. Little did I know that it would be almost completely barren and rather warm. We ended up having a decent time, but think it would be the best to go camping there next spring when all of the wild flowers are in bloom. It was nice not freezing at night, and although Emma had a hard time sleeping it was nice to just be together and doing something different.

Last weekend we took a trip down to Los Angeles. We had some friends getting sealed in the temple and so Mike went to the sealing while I walked with the girls around the temple. Emma loves seeing the temple and can't wait until she is old enough to be able to go inside. We then headed down to Santa Monica beach and the Pier. We haven't been to the beach since before Vivian was born so it was nice to go again. Since Emma has been taking swim lessons she was very excited about the water. Mike took her out and held on while the waves picked her up and down. She was loving it and called it the water she could stand on. Vivian enjoyed crawling all over the beach as well. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.


Sunday, August 12, 2012


It has been so hot here this last week that we have taken full advantage of our friends with swimming pools.  Both Emma and Vivian love the water.  For the past month both of them have been taking swim lessons.  I was able to take advantage of this program for children under 5 where they are able to get a 2 week swim session for 5 dollars.  TOTAL!!  They also had a mommy and me class for younger kids so Emma, Vivian, and I signed up for a whole month.  It has been fun and Emma has really improved.  She is not ready to swim in the Olympics, but she has become more comfortable in the water and is doing so much better at kicking her legs and blowing bubbles.  Vivian loves the feel of the water and splashing around.  Hopefully she'll continue to love swimming once she gets older and begins to recognize fear.  Well here are some pictures and a video for your viewing pleasure.

Luckily Emma's little friend Corbin, from preschool, was particpating as well and his mom Sandy was always so willing to help me out with Vivian.