Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fun Fall Festivities

Gordon is growing up so fast.  He has been walking for a couple months now.  He is still a little wobbly, like a drunken sailor, but sure cute.  These photos were from a day at the park.  He was so proud of himself that he was able to navigate all the playground equipment. (With helicopter mom close by)  Gordon doesn't use many words yet, but is getting better at baby signs.  He says please, more, all done and drink.  He also loves to nod or shake his head when I ask him questions.  It is fun to see him understanding more and more.  I can tell it frustrates him when he can't communicate of course.  He LOVES the pets, a little too much and is always wanting to give them hugs.  They are very patient with him.  He loves music and will dance and bop to anything fun he hears.  His favorite book is Pete the Cat and His 4 Groovy Buttons because there is a groovy song involved that he likes to bob his head too, what a funny kid.  He sure is a lot of fun.  

 Here we are sending Daddy a love message while he was traveling to Ohio a few months back.  I am really on top of this blogging right?
 Happy Halloween from the Sharps.  Vivian, Gordon and I went with the preschool to a pumpkin patch and I got some cute photos.   We had our wards trunk or treat which was huge as usual.  The kids got a ton of candy.  It was funny how many people said they didn't recognize me with my black hair and makeup and no glasses.  :)

 I forgot to show this video from Emma's Kindergarten program.  She was so excited and knew all the songs until she got to the performance and it was funny just watching her.  She was pretty distracted by all the people I think, and she didn't get enough sleep the night before so she was pretty sleepy.  Cute kid, and program.
 We are having fun with preschool this year.  Vivian is learning so much.  She is really good at memorizing things and can repeat books after hearing them just once so I thought when she was "reading" to me that that was what she was doing, but today I got her some new easy read books and had her read them to me.  She did awesome and only needed my help a couple times!  Wow, I really need to be helping her more.  I guess we're a little afraid she might pass Emma up soon and that would make Emma feel bad.  Emma is doing really well in school right now as well and is finally starting to enjoy reading, but it is harder for her to have the desire to put in the attention and effort it requires.  She has really been trying hard and not complaining about her school work so I am SO proud of her.

  We were talking about the color blue and the letter "F" for fish this day.  You gotta give em sweets sometimes.

Mason Jar pumpkin luminaries

Man I sure love my cute family!