Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lovely springtime

(As usual I posted these pictures from my phone and so they are cut off.   Please just click on the pictures to see the whole shot.  Poor kids keep getting cut off.)   

We have had such a nice spring so far.   It has been warmer than usual,  seems to be a common story for the west coast.   Any how, we've been able to take advantage of the weekends and holiday.   Mike is usually busy with church stuff most weekends so it was nice having a couple that we could spend with him.  We went on a nature walk through the wild flowers at the wind wolves nature preserve.  We've been camping here a couple times and it is beautiful in the spring  (when we've had rain )  otherwise it's a barren wasteland.   Luckily we've been blessed with rain.  ( I swear this post was not meant to be a bakersfield weather report. ;)

 We had a nice valentine's day spent all together with yummy fondu!  

On presidents day we went to the beach with our good friend Irene.  She brought her great niece and nephew along and we had a good time checking out the elephant seals,  finding shells and sand dollars,  and eating icecream.   It was nice to get away and do something new.   Vivian is sure enjoying preschool.   She has a new best friend, Mason.   Everything is about "mason"   right now. :)  I forgot to document a few funny things my girls have said and done.  Emma was the star student at school one day and her dad came to read the class a story.  She introduced him as Bishop Sharp.  (LOL) Mike told her she could just call him Dad.

I was getting out of the car one day to run and grab something.  When I came back Vivian said , "you were quick mom"  I responded by saying, "yes I am speedy" in which she replied,  "you are a genius". :)

Gordon had officially begun to crawl and had 2 new shiny teeth poking through.  He sure has been a grump lately so hopefully I can figure out a way to make him more comfortable.

We are gearing up for Emma's  6th birthday party.   It is going to be a friend party and quite the event.   I am insane!   It's so hard because you can't invite one person and then not another.  It will be over spring break so we'll either have a huge turn out or maybe some people will be gone on vacation.   I'll keep you posted on that event.   (Carnival theme )

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gordon is 7 months old and other news

Gordon is growing up too quickly.  He has figured out how to move his body all over the place.  He will probably be pulling himself up all over soon.  He is very determined.  He is still a picky eater.  I think he just has a sensitive stomach.  We have had to limit his baby food intake.  I have been introducing him to solids quite a bit more slowly than the girls because he just gets do constipated with everything and especially the grains.  He will just cry and struggle to sleep.  Hopefully his stomach will get used to food  sooner than later.  He loves sticking his tongue out and getting all the attention he can.   He hates it if I ever leave the room. :) 

Vivian continues to love preschool.  She does well playing with the other kids.   She is mommas big helper at home.

Emma continues to do well at school and received another citizenship award.   It is fun to hear her talk about all the new things she is learning.   She was helping me the other day and had to tell me she was being a good citizen. :)  We continue to struggle at times,  but I'm sure it will be an ongoing process trying to be patient and provide structure at home for her.   She sure loves her brother and is a good friend.   She is also very artistic and creative.   I love to see the things she creates. 

We are still trying to adjust to our new ward.  I'm trying to get to know everyone,  but it's a little bit hard when I'm chasing after the kids.   Hopefully I'll get to know more people in the weeks to come.   I am serving as the choir director and Mia maid advisor.   It keeps me busy on Sundays,  but I enjoy my callings.   Choir is much better know that it is no longer at my house with the kids running around like crazy.

I've taken on more than I should've  with my painting projects,  especially since I really don't know what I'm doing.:)  It will be awesome when I have all my projects finished.   There are just too many more important things for me to be doing. :)