Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Temple Work

I had an amazing experience yesterday, I was able to go to the temple and do the work for my Aunt Margene. I don't remember ever meeting her in my life, so this opportunity has helped me to feel some kind of a connection to her. This was the first time that I took all the steps to prepare the name and get it ready for the temple. I was also able to prepare another family name as well further down the line. The spirit was so strong as I heard the words of the blessings that we receive in the temple. I am grateful to know that we have a loving Father in Heaven who knows our hearts and has provided us with multiple ways to accept Him and the truths of the gospel. Our Saviors sacrifice allows us to repent not only in this life, but in the spirit world as well. So thankful I could participate in His work in such a special way. I love the temple and the peace that I feel there.
Another wonderful part of the day is that I was able to have one of my dearest friends Irene come with me. She joined the church about 3 years ago and went to the temple last year. She had not been back to do any work for her family members, but this time we were able to prepare her parents and grandparents names. I will never forget the beautiful spirit that filled our hearts as she was baptized for her mother and grandmother. I was honored to be able to be there with her for such a special experience. We are so loved and blessed. I haven't commented on conference yet, but I just LOVED every minute. I was reminded again of how prayers are answered as everything I had prayed to learn more about was covered, and within the very first session. There were many powerful talks and I'm thankful for the men and women who sacrifice to serve the Lord and sought the Lord's inspiration to guide them in knowing what to share with ALL of us. Everyone I have talked to seems to have connected in a profound way with one or more of the talks. So this Sabbath day I am just thankful for the blessings that come from the gospel, and I hope that I can do better at sharing those blessings and this knowledge with more people that I come in contact with, whether they are not currently members of our Church, or those who need a little love and encouragement to come back or continue to come. P.S. This beautiful weather can't ever hurt to lift our spirits as well. I LOVE the Fall!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cool weather

I love fall weather and especially when it starts to cool off here in Bakersfield.  I went through the girls clothes and I always get sentimental when I bring out clothes for Vivian that Emma used to wear.  It doesn't seen like it was that long ago that Emma wore them, and then Vivian is getting so much older.  My little girls are growing up too fast.  Today I Brooke out the cocoa motion and we had a hot cocoa party.  The girls lived it and you can't best Stephens mint truffle.

Recipe group

For the past year and a half or so we have been having a recipe group each month. It has been a nice opportunity to generate new recipes but mostly to have a girls night out. This past week we had it at my house and the theme was Halloween. We had an awesome turn out, I was able to use my outdoor fire pit for the first time this season, and hopefully everyone had a good time. I enjoy getting to know more of the sisters in our ward, but it is also a great format for people to invite their friends and neighbors. It's a wonderful break to my month.

Preschool 2013

After a long search we finally found some people to people to participate in a preschool Co OP this school year.  It is interesting how everything turned out.  Well see how it goes, but I am hopeful that it will be great.  I am actually going to be teaching twice a month, but I'm looking forward to my girls having the structure again.  They really enjoy it so that is good for me as well.  For our first field trip we went to the country fair, saw the animals, clown and fire safety puppet show.  This past week I taught.  The first day went well, but since they are just starting out it is a struggle trying to get them used to a schedule.  It is good for me to learn patience and being flexible.  Wish us luck for the rest of the year. :-)