Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Visits

I wasn't able to get too many pictures while our families were here, but we had such a wonderful time having our family out to visit.  Emma and Vivian sure loved seeing their grandparents as well as aunts and cousins.  We were able to go to Murray Family Farms again and partake of the fabulous Blueberry pancakes.  This is a Sharp family tradition now.  It's the one thing we make sure to do each May.  Well, the pictures will say the rest.  We sure love our family and wish we saw them more often. 

Weekend Fun

So this past weekend we were able to have a great time as a family.  We drove down to the temple Friday afternoon, and were able to go to a session.  Unfortunately we weren't able to go together because of the kiddos, but it was just nice to be able to go at all.  That night we stayed at the temple apartments which worked out really well because we just got a separate bedroom for Emma which allowed her to actually fall asleep, usually she has a really hard time sleeping in hotels.  (Too many distractions)  My hubby was kind enough to let us go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, Yum, and then Saturday we headed down to Disneyland.  We were lucky enough to be going the same time as Mike's sister Myndie and so we were able to spend the day with the Schiele family.  They were very accommodating.  Mike's work provided us with a wonderful lunch and an opportunity for the girls to meet Mickey.  He was so cute with Emma and gave her kisses and everything.  Our kids did pretty good considering it was a long day, but it was just a lot of fun being at Disneyland and enjoying the company of family.  I even got a little teary on "It's a small world".  I love that ride because it just reminds me that we are all children of God.  Good Stuff!  We are sure lucky that we've been able to go to Disneyland twice this year.  There are some nice things to living here in California. 

10 months

I am so behind on my posting. Vivian turned 10 months old 10 days ago. I just wanted to post a couple pics and give an update on our little "munch". She is just growing and getting bigger everyday. She is finally in the right size of clothes for her age. She has also discovered how to "cruise" and is pulling herself up to everything and anything she can. She likes to come and sit in your lap if you are on the floor. She unfortunately also knows how to climb the stairs. The other day I saw her trying to pull herself up onto the couch, but she is just too short. It is so much fun watching her learn and understand so much more. She has recognized her name for quite awhile now and understands "No" and probably a lot of other things. She is working on getting her next set of teeth. She just loves attention and is so much fun. She got to go swimming for the first time today. Wish I would've gotten some pictures of that. Oh, she also thinks she is a dog. She loves to follow Rusty around and tries to get to his food and kennel all the time. She's a funny gal and we sure lover her.

 This photo cracks me up because she is a typical girl.  So sad one moment and completely happy the next.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Cutest Girls in the World!!!

So I took Emma to get her 3 year old pictures and decided to have Vivian's pictures taken at this time as well so I wouldn't have to make 2 trips. I'm so glad I did because I think they turned out so cute. What sweet girls. Granted I'm partial, but seriously they are adorable right?


So this past week has been an emotional, physical, and spiritual ride for me. I have continued to battle this cold. Luckily it hasn't been too full blown like Mike has had, but it has been lingering just enough to bring me concern. There were a couple performances where I was sure they would have to have someone sing behind stage for me because my voice was so scratchy. I know that there have been many prayers in my behalf, no more than my own and the Lord has truly helped me the whole way. There were specific songs that I knew I would have been unable to sing without the help of my Father in Heaven. These experiences have truly been faith promoting. So we are 3 performances down and I have 4 to go. I am so anxious to be finished. I think if I didn't have to worry every night about whether or not I would be able to sing that I might relax a little, but then again probably not because I would still HAVE to sing 4 solos and that is still a lot of pressure!:)
I received a WONDERFUL surprise on Thursday. I was excited for my Dad and Dorothy to come out to support me in the show, but when I opened the door for them on Thursday I saw my mom standing there. I had no idea she was going to be coming out and I sure shed a few tears. I know it was really hard for her in many ways to make the trip, but it meant so much to me to have her there. Wow, I am getting teary as I right about it. Good Times. I has been nice for the girls to see their grandparents. I was gone most of the weekend, but the kids were able to spend some time so that was good. Now we can't wait for Grandma Ann, Aunts Melodee and Merilee, and Annadele and Alex to come out this week. It's always nice to see family, and we need to hear all the news from Melodee about her time in China for Matt's wedding. Crazy stuff! Lastly I have to say what an amazing husband I have. I would not be able to do any of the things I've been able too lately without his help and support. He has been so patient and,even though he has been sick himself, he has gone above and beyond to help out with the girls so I can get some rest. We are so excited to get back to a little bit of normalcy in the next few weeks. In a couple weeks we are going to spend our 5 year anniversary at the Temple and Disneyland. Two of the happiest places on earth. (Not that I can compare the two, but Disneyland will be fun.) Couldn't think of better places or people to spend our time with.