Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Friday, September 24, 2010

All Ready for Fall

The first day of fall here in Bakersfield was beautiful. It was in the low 70's all day and we really enjoyed the mild weather. It was cooler in the morning and so Emma, Rusty and I got bundled up and headed off the the park. This is usually part of our morning routine.

Emma loves to run around the park and loves playing on the BIG kids playground more than the one her size.

She usually gets really nervous going over this part because of the little open holes, but she is getting so brave.

She thought it would be a good idea to try and climb up this, but mom didn't think it was as good an idea.:)

I put up this picture to show our crazy wild flowers that are growing as tall as our tree. They just keep growing and growing.

When we first got Rusty he was very mild mannered and wouldn't leave our side. He is finally feeling better, physically and emotionally. It is nice seeing him get more comfortable around us. He and Gracie LOVE to play together. They will just hang out by each other and Gracie thinks it's great fun to have Rusty chase her. He's still pretty mild mannered, but sometimes he can get a CRAZY streak and go running back and forth around the house. It is pretty humorous. He hates being in his kennel. He just cries and cries. Today I taught him a trick, (how to dance) and Emma just laughed and laughed, she thought it was a pretty good trick too.

We are all so excited for the cooler weather to begin and STAY, the leaves changing colors, the holidays that are coming, and hopefully getting some good time in with family. Speaking of, we are so excited to have a new little niece. Alexandra (Alex) Andal was born today and we will be getting to see her next weekend. We are so excited!!! It's so much fun having these new babies being born. We can't wait for Journee to be born in a couple weeks and for baby boy Ramirez at the beginning of the year.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy? Yes, We know!

So the title of this post goes to everyone out there who thinks/realizes that we live in a zoo.:) I think it's pretty funny that most of our posts the last few months have revolved around pets, but this one is not going to be the exception. Although it is very soon, we decided to get another dog. It was mostly ME this time, but once we got to the shelter and saw this little cutie we both felt pretty good about it.
We always wanted to rescue a dog from the shelter and may I say it is a lot cheaper route to go, and boy were there some cute dogs there. Anyway, we've definitely felt a "void" in our home since losing Molly, and it is crazy how it's effected even our cat. She has been lonely for someone to "chase" her.
It really was a fun game that they played. Anyway, this is our new dog "Rusty".
His name was meant to be since both Mike and I thought of it right away. He is a Shepard mix, either Yorkshire or Australian. He's pretty small though and just wants to be loved. He'd sit in your lap and give you kisses all day if you'd let him. I was a little leery of getting a boy dog because I didn't want to worry about him "marking his territory" in our house. Luckily I think his previous owners house trained him because he is doing great! It has been so much easier not having to potty train him. He has some separation anxiety issues that we have to deal with. Poor thing, he can't stand to be away from us. He just cries and cries. Hopefully he'll get used to our routines, and know that even if we have to put him in his kennel for an hour, that we WILL be coming back. So here's to this next new adventure. I think for now, if we get anymore pets we'll be sticking to FISH.:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Head, Shoulders, Knee's, and Toes

I didn't realize that Emma could do the actions to this song so well. She get's pretty distracted by looking at herself on the computer screen that she usually won't say or do much for me, but I thought this was pretty cute. (Someday we'll get an actual video camera and you can see shots of Emma NOT sitting at the computer.):)

Summer Projects and Changes

So we are no longer pet sitting the dog, but we do still have an extra cat. We are trying to find her a good home since she and Gracie do not get along so well. So that's our pet update, and now on to different things.
Emma is growing up so fast. She will be 18 months old in a couple of weeks and we sure can't wait for her to be in nursery. She will do great. She is learning so many new things each day. She loves to imitate the things that we do and say. She loves taking our keys and trying to unlock the doors.
Whenever we are in the car and the music comes on she is in the back just boppin away to the beat, she loves to dance, although still pretty uncoordinated. (It's pretty funny to watch though.) She is talking so much more and saying the following words: please, done, Uh-oh, shoes, fish, cheese, juice, keys, Daddy, baby, diaper, dog, kitty, book, Football, ball, No, Jesus, and probably others that I just can't think of right now. I keep trying to catch her talking on video but she has NEVER liked to perform for the camera. Funny girl. She is starting to get her molars and has been a little cranky lately because of that, I don't blame her. She sure looks happy in this picture. She is showing me her "teeth".

Last week I wasted a TON of time trying to accomplish a sewing projects. I sew so infrequently that it takes me a lot of time just getting the fabric cut out, not to mention sewing it together. I decided that I wanted to make a nice comfortable jumper dress, and I had some fabric leftover to make Emma a matching dress. It started out as this grand project that I was determined to finish in one day, but that didn't really pan out. I finally finished my dress, but it is pretty big on me. I decided that it will be a nice maternity jumper for when I get pregnant again, and I haven't finished Emma's dress because it is too small for her. I guess I could finish it and if I have another little girl someday she could wear it. Anyway, I guess it was good practice, and filled up my sewing quota for the year.
Here is an upclose look at the fabric

I also found the cutest and easiest pattern for these pinwheel hair clips. They seriously took me like 2 minutes to make and since they are made from felt, I could do many different color combo's for relatively cheap.

So the biggest news/change in our family is for Mike. He was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric on Sunday. Emma and I are sure going to miss sitting next to him during Sacrament Meeting on Sundays, but we are proud of him and his willingness to serve the Lord.

Lastly, we are already decked out for the next couple of holidays. As I was searching for some fabric for my first project I had to rummage through my fall decorations and decided that I would just put them up instead of going through them again in 2 weeks. So it is Halloween here at the Sharp residence from September through October. Kinda silly, but Oh Well!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poop and MORE Poop

So my sister told me that I needed to put up another post, but the truth is when I don't blog it's because there really isn't a whole lot of new stuff going on to talk about, but here it goes. This week we are pet "sitting". A friend of ours is sick and so we are watching her pets while she is in the hospital. These poor animals though, I'm not sure if they are better off with us or in their own home with frequent visitors. The dog (Belle) is 13 years old and pretty sick herself, we may have to face the decision on "putting her down" since our friend was going through that process before she got sick. The cat (Izzy) is totally is so shy and nervous. She has been hiding under the bed for the past 2 days. She has come out 3 times for about 1 minute each. They are pretty low maintenance except for the fact that Belle is not used to being in a kennel at night, and she is "doggie door trained". I am able to let her out during the day, but at night it is a different story. When I put her in the kennel she just whines and cries and scratches. I decided to just let her sleep on the couch last night, which is where she usually sleeps, but we'll be doing something different tonight since this morning I woke up to little poo droppings ALL OVER our house. URGH! We sure have been getting some good use out of our steam cleaner! We sure do have an interesting time with these animals of ours.

The cutest animal of all of course is Emma and she is just too much fun. She is starting to talk so much more and will try and imitate the things we say. Her favorite new words are: shoes,baby,done, fish, no, and book. She also does the cutest thing when we play peek a boo. She will cover face and we'll say "Where's Emma?" and then she'll try and say "There she is!", when she uncovers her face. It's pretty funny. She loves to help her mom feed the dog. Belle will only eat out of our hands and so Emma loves to feed her her treats, it makes her feel like a big girl. Only 1 more month until Emma goes to nursery! We can't wait, and I think she is going to love it as well.

Well that's what's going on in our neck of the woods, nothing too exciting, just trying to keep up with everything. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers in regards to Molly, we've really felt your love and it has helped bring us some peace, so thank you.