Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Monday, August 23, 2010

To Molly

This post is going to be very hard for me to write, but I wanted to make a tribute to our dog Molly who died today. She was hit by a car. I can't believe how short of a time we have had her in our life, but she had really made a difference. She was such a loving dog who was a wonderful friend to us and mostly to Emma. She was learning so many new things and was truly a wonderful pet. We are going to miss her so much. Looking back on these pictures I realized how many great memories we have with her in them. She has definetly left a hole in our hearts. Thanks for all your love Molly, we'll miss you!

Friday, August 20, 2010


So about a month ago I obtained about 4 bushels of Nectarines and I was bound and determined to "put them up". I have actually never canned myself before. I have helped my mom out while she has done it, but this was my first attempt. After purchasing the pot, bottles, ingredients and other equipment, I was ready to go. I first made some Nectarine pie filling. My sister in laws made a wonderful peach pie filling that we LOVED and so I thought it wouldn't be too different to use Nectarines. It turned out O.K., but not as good as with peaches. Next I made 2 different types of jam, spiced nectarine and just regular nectarine jam. I was a woman on a mission, so unfortunately my daughter and husband didn't quite get my full attention for awhile. Luckily I was forced to take a break from my obsession while we went to Utah, but my brother in law Matt brought home so Tomatoes a couple days ago and so I was on to SALSA! I've realized that this year has been one of trial and error. The salsa came out just o.k. as well. I really need to find a good recipe for bottled salsa. Emma and Mike have been pretty patient through the whole thing, but the next time I'm in the kitchen and Emma starts pushing me to move, and saying No, No, NO, I think I will listen and give us all a break. This canning business is a lot of work!
(These old poster pictures just cracked me up, doesn't it look like so much fun!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Utah Trip-Summer 2010

We made it back from our trip to Utah last night and it is nice to be home. We always love being able to see family, and we really miss Utah, but it's always nice to sleep in your own bed, and it was amazing how happy Emma and Molly were to be home as well.

We had such a great time in Utah. We got together with the Pierce family for a fun pool party. (Thanks Dave and Cindy for hosting) We were able to spend some time with my Mom and Dad as well as my Grandparents. We got to eat some great food including: The Bluebird, Turkey Steaks, Wingers, and Joe Morleys. We stayed at my Dad's airplane hanger up in Brigham City for the first part of the trip, and it was fun having a little place to ourselves. Molly was really enjoying the open fields to run around in and chase the grasshoppers. We were nervous about bringing our dog, but she really did pretty well. Emma was the one who was REALLY sick of her car seat by the end of the trip. We had to break down and buy a portable DVD player. Sure wish we would have done that at the beginning of the trip.:) We had some great times with the Sharp family as well. We celebrated Melodee's birthday, had a tour of the Sweet's candy factory, played at McDonald's play land, and a splash park, went to the Jordan River Temple, Wheelers Farm, and watched a fabulous magician. We also were able to attend the Coomb's family reunion and it was nice for me to get to know more of Mike's family, and I know it was great for them all to get together as well. It's amazing how quickly our time went. We had so much fun seeing everyone, and wished we could have seen more of you. With the holidays coming up we'll luckily get to see you soon enough. Here are A LOT of pictures from the trip.