Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kids updates

I just remembered why I stopped blogging,  because I try to do it from my phone and it doesn't work so well.  So I just wanted to remember some things about my kids right now.   First,  Emma.  She is growing up so much and it is so much fun yet very crazy to see her get so tall and have her ask these very well thought out questions.   She is just a joy.   She was recently diagnosed with Adhd.  Not a huge surprise, but hopefully we can find some more ways to help her succeed.    Today she started asking us questions about the dinosaurs and how we know how old the earth is.   She was very concerned because they don't talk about dinosaurs at the time of Adam and eve and how it only took them a "few days" to create the earth.   It was a good teaching opportunity,  but also makes me realize that I really need to know my stuff because she asks a lot of questions I don't know how to answer very well, like "How do we know all the numbers there are since it would take to long to count the all."  I mean I've had these thoughts and questions but don't remember having them at 8 years old,  but to mention being able to verbalize them properly.   She doing better in school and is finding more confidence as she makes more friends and succeeds at her tasks.   She's also a great sister.

Vivian is such a funny kid.   She is pretty smart and VERY competitive.   She likes to be the best at everything but if she can't do something on her first try she just gives up and meltsdown.  She is reading pretty well, but also has a difficult time understanding some concepts.   She is also very sneaky.  She's learned to just be quiet and she can get away with stuff.:)  She's a sweet and funny kid who doesn't have much patience with her physical brother.  Vivian has lived kindergarten and has made some good friends.

Gordon.....oh Gordon.   Where do I begin. :)  This kid is something else.  Ha ha  oh boy he is just a very active,  physical, sweet, stubborn, silly, sometimes shy,  floppy toddler.   Gordon loves being with people.   He likes playing outside with his balls,  watching blues clues , tackling his dog and sisters,  coloring, and doing puzzles.  I tried potty training him,  but I'm not sure he's ready yet.   He has decided he wants to be a baby.   Poor thing has been lacking in  attention since his brother was born.   He really gives us a run for our money.   He's at that stage where he wants to be more independent,  but at the same time wants to be babied again.   He can also be a lot of fun and has begun to talk more and more. I forgot to mentionhis bout of rashes.   He got this funky rash I thought was ring worm.  Took him in and they didn't know what it was.   That rash went away and then he got a bumpy rash all over.  It eventually went away with some medication,  it was viral I guess,  but crazy.  He really struggles with rashes.  

Spencer is finally getting less fussy.   He still struggles with wanting to nurse sometimes,  but I just don't force it.   He's so fun.   He's 6 months old now and is in that fun stage.   He has begun solid foods which will hopefully be a good supplimental feeding for him.   He's still pretty high maintenance since he still cannot remember how to drink from a bottle and has to eat with zero distractions.  Thankfully my amazing hubby picks up alot of the slack.   Spencer is in the process of getting all 4 of his front teeth.  

So we've had fun birthdays,  a trip to general Sherman tree and the beach.   This weekend is the cherry festival and our kids school carnival.   We're sure staying busy.   Oh,  I have a new calling at church.  I'm no longer yw advisor, but teach the 14-16 year old Sunday school class.   Its a fun challenge.

That's us,  hope you enjoyed the update.