Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fresh Produce

It is always fun to look outside and see all the weeds, I mean, plants growing in our yard. Seriously we have a ton of weeding to do, but a midst that we actually have some fun things growing in our garden, and we allowed our trees to produce fruit this year. Our favorite treat are the nectarines from our nectarine tree. We also have some plums, but they are currently being heavily guarded by a wasp nest so we don't get too many of those. Our corn is growing, we'll see how good the harvest is, and my zucchini has actually been working this year. Yay! Perhaps I can make more than one loaf of zucchini bread this year. We were comparing pictures of our yard from when we first moved in and it's amazing how quickly everything grows. It's fun to start seeing it come together. Weeds and all! Before



On Friday we were having a very uneventful/boring day until Emma sliced her finger. She was in a "time out" at the time so I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I assume that she was trying to put the cover back on the night light in her room and the bulb broke. After hearing her screaming Mike found her with the broken bulb sitting on her finger like a thimble. She must have decided to play with it because it cut her pretty good. There was blood everywhere and she was pretty hysterical. She did NOT WANT TO GO TO THE DOCTOR! We hopped in the car and headed to urgent care. 2 hours later she finally got to see the doctor. Luckily the doctor was amazing with Emma. She unfortunately had to be strapped down to the table and that was so traumatic for all of us. Poor girl, she probably will be terrified of the doctor for the rest of her life. Too bad we have to go back in a week to get the stitches taken out. She had to have 3 stitches and has been babying her hand ever since. We have to remind her to stretch her fingers. Poor girl, but luckily her finger is healing well. It ended up being a very eventful night after all. This is what we have to look at everyday. Emma with her band aid and a piece of fruit in her hand. She cannot get enough of our fresh fruit.

11 Months!

I have so many things to catch up on so expect a few new posts from me in the next couple of days.  So on the 11th our little Vivi turned 11 months old.  We will be celebrating her 1st birthday while we are in Utah!  I cannot believe she is so big already.  It seems like in the past couple of months she has just instantly gone from a baby to a toddler.  She just makes us smile everyday.  She is cruising all over the place now and for awhile would stand for a bit by herself, but she has decided that she will wait in walking and standing which is o.k. with me.  Her first word was Dad, but she has been loving to say Mom, and what I think is Emma.  It's hard to tell since Momma and Emma are very close.  It is so much fun having her trying to say new things.  She continues to experiment with different sounds and she tries so hard to imitate us.  She is a ham, she loves to play games and is just silly.  When she smiles and laughs she uses her whole face and just grins as big as she can and crinkles her nose, just like Emma does.  These girls sure are a lot of fun.  Vivian is has 6 teeth and has finally been sleeping through the night again.  I am in the process of weaning her which comes with mixed emotions, but it will be wonderful while we are traveling.  We are sure grateful that our girls are healthy and growing and learning, and we feel so blessed to have them.  Emma is an amazing big sister, and loves to help Viv whenever she can (sometimes TOO much).  Viv has also started shaking her head no, and when she doesn't want something (her bottle usually), she is so funny at pushing it away or banging her hands on her legs.  She has been clapping and loves to get up and dance or move to any kind of music.  She loves music.  We can't wait for her to see all her extended family in a couple weeks.  Although she HATES to drive in the car we know it will be a wonderful trip.