Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Utah trip and more

It was so nice to be able to go back home to Utah to visit. Mike was nice enough to let Emma and I tag along on his work trip. We originally weren't going to be coming home until Thanksgiving so this was a great opportunity. Thanks to all who helped out, especially Dave who really made it possible. Although it was silly I had a good time surprising my mom. It took her awhile to realize what was going on when Emma came knocking on her door. I loved just spending time with our families, and eating at some of my favorite places, it brought back good memories. Luckily the flight back to Vegas went well and it was nice getting home to Bakersfield. I don't think Emma realized how much she missed being home and seeing her dad, she just couldn't stop hugging him when she saw him. It was pretty cute.

In other news, Emma slept her first full night in her toddler bed. Some friends of ours were getting rid of theirs, and were kind enough to let us have it. I was worried that she would fall out, or wake up a lot, but she slept really well the whole night. The hard part is "nap time" since she just wants to play, but luckily I haven't put any of her toys/books in her new room with her yet.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Addition

So last weekend we added a new addition to our family. No, it is not another pet, but another car. After a month of stress and discussion we finally decided on getting another small, fuel efficient car that Mike will be able to drive after the Corolla dies. Once we have more than 2 kids we will move on up to a van or something. I have never purchased a vehicle before and so had no idea how time consuming the process can be. Luckily Mike handled most of the research and figures.
Emma loves the "blue car" and wishes that she was able to ride in it more. For the time being I want to keep the new car from getting as trashed as the Corolla so Emma has not spent too much time in it. We ended up getting a 2010 Hyundai Elantra, but it was brand new and a super great deal since they really just wanted to get the older model off their lot. It is so nice having 2 vehicles now, just a lot more flexibility with our schedules. Glad that process is over for at least a few more years.