Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Friday, May 10, 2013

Updates and Videos

O.K. so my sister Kim wanted me to post some videos since we are so far away and it's hard to really see our girls growing up, so here ya go. So here is Emma singing I am a Child of God.  She knows it pretty well, but was distracted by my mouthing the words to her. Here is Emma dancing at Universal Studios

Swim Party/Preschool

So, our preschool group is almost over for the year and we had a fun water party at our home last week.  The weather had been really nice this past month and Emma has been itching to get out and play in the water.  We have participated for 2 years now and it looks like there won't be enough people to get a group together for this coming year.  Now that she is 4 I am actually unsure of what to do.  We will probably just help her get prepared at home and get together with some other stay at home moms to help her with socialization.  I know it is not necessary, but it has been nice for all of us.  Vivian has LOVED being involved as well, she feels like such a big girl. Oh, I think you can also see our new swing set.  We have been wanting to get one for awhile, but were holding off until we knew if we would be moving soon.  Well, luckily we were able to get one before the weather gets too hot.  The girls have been LOVING it!  They both can't get enough of their new swing set.  Definitely money well spent. 



So it looks like we will be sticking around Bakersfield for awhile!:)

Internal Announcement

We are pleased to welcome Michael Sharp to the R&D group. He will be taking on a role of Research Scientist with the Retail/Packaged products team.

Michael might look familiar to some of you; this is because Michael has been working for the Dreyer’s Technical application since 2009 and has worked in developing various products for the Dreyer’s and Skinny Cow name brands. Michael received his Master’s degree in Food Science from Ohio State and started his career in ice cream working for Casper’s Ice cream doing quality assurance and product development.

Michael has a beautiful young family with his wife Amy and two daughters Emma (4 yrs. old) and Vivian (18 months old). He is a "huge" sports fan (of almost any sport) and his favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.

Michael will start his transition from the TA group to R&D on Monday, April 29, 2013.

We are all very excited to have a new colleague and someone that is already familiar to many of us joining our team. Please help us in welcoming Michael to the R&D group.