Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Introducing Gordon Michael!

This past month has been crazy and hard not knowing when to plan for this baby to come, but in hindsight the Lord knew what he was doing, we should have been more patient. :-)  we were able to celebrate vivians 3rd birthday which was very low key.  We had presents, hungry hippos was a hit, and we went to chuckie cheese for dinner.  She only wanted a Dora cake so we got a small one to share.     I think she had a good day.  She's so funny, sweet, sensitive, impressionable, etc.  We love Vivian. 

Anyway Sunday rolled around liked any other day. Church was wonderful and I had a very positive experience all around.  Once we got home and the kids down for naps I decided to lay down myself for a bit.  Not too much later I felt this gush of warm fluid and knew my water had broken.  I called Mike, who was still at church and told him it was time to go.  I next called my good friend to come be with the girls.  We had planned for every possible scenario so luckily it all ran smoothly.  Mike had just finished his last interview and so the timing was great.  Vivian was born and hour after my water broke so I was anticipating a quick labor.  I didn't really even start contacting until an hour or two later.  I was so worried we would be there forever and I would have to get pitocin.  Luckily that was not the case.  I was so anxious about getting my I.V., but the nurse was so good and got it in so fast, best I.V. experience ever. After a few hours of not really progressing my nurse helped to release the remainder of my "water".  I guess there was still quite a bit left that the baby could not engage my cervix.  After that things started cooking.  My contractions started to become more regular, and more intense.  After about an hour I began to feel a lot of pressure and knew the baby was on his way.  My nurses were wonderful, they were a great support.  Mike is truly the best husband, father and birthing coach.  He was with me the whole way, reminding me to breathe, mopping me with a cold rag, and just holding my hand or singing me hymns.  It was the best and smoothest delivery we've had.  Once it was time to push I was sure ready, but the doctor decided to take his time.  :-(  I swear the nurses could have delivered him for all the doctor did. The baby was crowning and I was told not to push and just pretty much hold it until the doctor came.  Um, for those who've done natural child birth, that is easier said than done.  My body was ready to pop him out.  So finally the doctor came and just took his time putting on his gloves, etc.  By this time I was mad, and said something like, "anytime"! two pushes later and our sweet boy was born.  I am always amazed at how your body and go from such intensity to such relief in a matter of seconds. Such an amazing feeling. 
We knew if we ever were blessed with a boy that we wanted to name him Gordon after President Hinckley.Although it may not be the "cutest" name I was so glad he could be named after two of my favorite people.  I know they will be good examples for him to look up too.  Gordon his also a family name on Mikes side. 

So it has been a whole week now and it seems like so much longer.  He seemed to be eating pretty well, but he wasn't having wet diapers.  We took him in for his check up and he'd lost 9 oz., in 3 days.  No good.  So we had to give in to the pumping and bottle feeding for now.  I was so sad the other night when I tried to nurse and he wanted nothing to do with me.  Very sad.  At least I can do what I can for him in the form of breast milk.  Hopefully once he recovers from his circumcision yesterday we'll be able to get him back on the breast.  He is gaining weight now and is the sweetest thing ever.  He cries like a horse, "neigh, neigh".  We love him so much and can't imagine our family without him.  The girls, grandma ann, and aunt Melodee have been loving him up.  Happy 1 week
+ Gordon!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Counting Down the Days

I have never been at this point in a pregnancy before where my "baby counter" on my blog is actually still going down.  Normally I will have already had the baby and my counter says I still have 30 days left.  :)  So as of tonight I have 9 days left.  I go through a lot of different emotions.  There are some nights where I am so ready to be done and just get it all over with and then I have days where I get apprehensive about the actual labor, etc.  We are just praying that things will go o.k. and the baby will be safe.  We have been very blessed to have great friends and ward family here in California.  It would be 100 times more stressful if I didn't know I could call a dozen people at a moments notice and they would take over the kids for us.  At my last appointment my doctor stripped my membranes.  We thought maybe we'd get started sooner than later, but I still haven't been having too many contractions.  I guess I am still measuring small so I have been going to non stress tests twice a week and my doctor wants be to get another ultrasound to see if the baby is getting bigger.  It's crazy because they can't even get me in until Wednesday.  It just seems silly to be waiting to do these things kind of last minute.  I don't know, hopefully everything is o.k.  Vivian is going to be turning 3 this next week.  It is amazing how fast time flies.  She's such a funny kiddo.  We have been very blessed to have these sweet kids.  I sure love them and they are ecstatic to have a baby brother.  (Perhaps a little too excited)  We don't know when we are going to be getting back to Utah.  Hopefully we'll be heading there around Thanksgiving.