Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sick Kiddo

I needed to post something new, but there hasn't been a whole lot going on at the Sharp house beside the usual and now my play practices which have been minimal so far, but this week Vivian got sick.  I hate when my children get sick, especially when they are infants because they cannot tell you exactly what is wrong with them.  She started out just acting lethargic, then the fever came, some vomiting, and continued fever and irritability.  She hasn't had a fever for a day now, but I am still wondering if I should take her in to check for an ear infection.  I just figured she had caught a bug, but she was still having a hard time sleeping, etc.  Any suggestions.  She is acting more like normal this morning.  Emma never got ear infections so I don't really know what to look out for.  I'm just glad she is feeling a little better and hopefully tomorrow night she will be back to sleeping throughout the night.  I was liking that routine.  If all goes well we will be off to the Bakersfield Museum of Natural History today for pre-school.  Unfortunately I hear it is pretty run down, but hopefully the kids will enjoy it.  Emma keeps asking me if we are going to go see dinosaurs for preschool.  Hope there is one so she won't be disappointed.:)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Marian...Madam Librarian!

So according to my sister Jackie, I needed to post about this.:) I tend to be the type of person who likes to stay on the sidelines and not "toot my own horn" as they say, but I also realize that I need to be more confident and assertive because my self-deprecating behavior is more obnoxious than gracious. So, that being said, I tried out for the Music Man and got the part of Marian. I have been asked if I am excited and I would have to say I have a huge range of emotions, and excited is in there somewhere.:) I am excited to have an opportunity to get to know new people, sing, perform, and mostly have an outlet where I can feel like there is a place where I can develop and share my talents. I really haven't had an opportunity like this for a very long time so I am grateful for it. I am grateful for my husband who pushed me to do it and has been so supportive and patient with my crazy worries. I MISS MY FAMILY ALREADY!!! I can't imagine being away from my children so much. I have wanted to participate in a play for so long, but I just felt like now that I have a family that is not in the cards. Well, thankfully our Stake puts on productions every 3 years, and they will hopefully be very supportive of all of our family situations. It is a big time commitment. We practice 3 times a week for the next 3 months and then there will be like 8 performances. I guess they put on a pretty professional show so that will be exciting. I've definitely had my concerns and although it will be super awkward playing opposite someone who isn't my husband, they are sure going out of their way to make it as comfortable as possible. I have also not been in a show for so long it is a little intimidating to be in one, and have the female lead role. Hopefully this will be a good experience for me and will force me to regain my confidence. So, if anyone is looking for a great pre-summer vacation we will be performing the last weekend in April and the first week in May. :) (How'd ya like that subtle hinting)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

So as is our tradition we spent New Years in Vegas with the Andals. It was so nice being able to spend time with family, and Emma couldn't wait to see Annadele. We had a great time just relaxing, eating great food, and playing games. It was a lot of fun watching Emma interact with her cousins. She was so sad to come home. She wanted to go back to Annadele's for a week after. Happy New Year to you all. At the Bellagio

Bragging Rights

So today Vivian turned 6 months old. I can't believe how quickly time flies. She is eating cereal now and loves to steal the spoon from us. She isn't sitting on her own yet, but she is so close. She would just prefer laying on her back and kicking around. She loves being able to move. She is pretty loved around here. Emma and Rusty especially can't get enough of her.:) .
I wanted to get some cute pictures of her today and Emma wanted to get in on the action. I have such a hard time getting good pictures of her so I was so excited with the results. I told her to pose and this is what she came up with.:) She just cracks me up, what a fun kid.
Emma just loves Vivian and there is no one that Vivian loves more than Emma. She just lights up whenever Emma is around her. We sure are blessed to have these beautiful princesses, children of God.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mike's Disney Celebration

We had a pretty quiet day planned for Mike's birthday, dinner at home and the evening spent as a family, UNTIL Mike came home from work and announced that he had won an award at work and they had given him 2 free park hopper passes to Disneyland. Our plans changed pretty quickly. We originally thought we might go down and spend the night, but luckily we decided against that plan because none of us would have gotten any sleep since Emma has a very hard time sleeping in new places. We got up really early on Saturday morning and headed down. It only took us a couple hours so it wasn't a bad trip at all. We had such a nice time. Disneyland was pretty crowded of course, but because our kids are so young still we were able to just hit all the rides that had small lines. It's funny how things change once you have children. We went on completely different rides this time compared with the trip Mike and I made shortly after we were married. Although we rode less rides this time around I think I enjoyed it more just being able to see Emma enjoying herself so much. She really did not know what to expect and was pretty overwhelmed, but she was just in awe of everything. She especially LOVED the princesses and riding the tea cups, her sweet daddy took her on them twice.:) The park was decorated for the holidays still so it was just magical being there with all of the lights. I also discovered an awesome service in the "Baby Center". They provide a whole building just for diaper changing, nursing, pumping, high chairs for feeding, toddler toilets, microwave and sink as well as any items such as diapers, bottles, food and formula that you might need. I was so grateful for a place to feed Vivian away from all of the crowds. We had a park hopper so we stopped by California Adventure as well. They had a really fun Disney Junior Live show that Emma really enjoyed. She loves all those characters and it was a fun show. Mike was able to go on a lot more rides with Emma since I was feeding Vivian quite a bit, but we all had a great time. For dinner we hit up the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney and we saw the fireworks from our car in the parking lot. We sure loved being together as a family, watching childlike joy on everyone's faces, the kind Disneyland employee's who were always wishing Mike a Happy Birthday,eating Banana Cream Pie at 11:00 P.M, and so much more. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Mike's birthday. We sure love this husband and father of ours. He is so kind, patient, loving, full of faith, and so much fun. I can't wait until next year when he is officially "old" like me.:)