Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Monday, March 25, 2013


O.K. I just wanted to say that I have been publishing my blog posts from my phone and so the pictures are not showing up correctly here on the computer.  Most of the photos don't show the whole shot, so if you are looking to see the whole photo, just click on it to bring it up.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Weekend service

This past Saturday we went to help out a youth in or ward with his eagle project.  They were clearing and rebuilding a path along a hiking trail.  The girls really got into helping gather and move the rocks.  Too cute.

Preschool activities

A month back a went and took a tour of a pretzel shop in the mall.  It was super fun and yummy.  The kids had a good time.

A couple weeks ago we went on a fire station tour.  The firemen were very personable with the kids and it was a success.

we had an Easter egg hunt last week. Poor Emma supposedly didn't know what an Easter egg hunt was.  we have done small ones at home, but I guess nothing big.  We've been trying to focus on the spiritual side of Easter, but will hopefully find a good balance now that she is getting older and can understand things better.

Cute kids

So I just have to share these cute photos of my girls.  They sure make me smile and bring joy each day.  Viv is super cuddly, and Emma has been in such a lovey mood lately.  She is always giving us hugs and kisses and telling us she loves us.  It has been wonderful.  I'm realizing that she is almost 5 and will be going out onto the big scary world.  I am terrified and I know I'm not going to handle it well.  I am such a control freak and know it silk bee hard to give over my control of her safety and education and influence to other people and kids.  Yikes!  I keep telling her that she need to stay my little girl but she continues to remind me that she's supposed to grow up, and that I shouldn't worry because someday she'll be a mommy and have a little girl and she won't be afraid for her to grow up.  (let's just see about that)  she is getting so big and smart and wise.   :-)

Birthday and family fun

I had a pretty fun and layed back birthday.  I went to time out for women with a couple friends from our ward and then came home and went out to dinner with mike. We were going to go to olive garden, but I was craving a good burger so we ended up at Carls jr .  It just hit the spot.  we then went and got some cheese cake.  Aunt Melodee was kind enough to come and spend her spring break with us and a had a great time with her.  We went out to an animal/nature preserve where they had some beautiful wildflowers out.  It was a nice little walk.  We also were able to go to the la Temple before she had to head out.  We love ya aunt Mel.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Other Winter News

O.K. so I was going through Mike's pictures and found some great ones that I never posted, along with stories to go with them, so I will try and give some extra information regarding what we have been doing the last couple of months. 

In December Mike's work had their annual Christmas party and for the last 2 years they have held it at the local ice skating rink.  They have a little kids section filled with "snow" for those who can't skate.  Mike got these great pictures of Vivian.  Mike is a super great Dad and took Emma out skating on the ice.  I used to LOVE ice skating, but as I've gotten older, as well as my knees, I thought better of skating myself.  :(  We were treated to some nice hot chocolate, pizza, salad, ice-cream, you get the picture.  It was a fun night.  Also, Emma was the Angel in her preschool reenactment of the Christmas Story.

Mom and Melodee came out right before Christmas and we went to the "Calm" to see the lights.  It is a really small zoo.  Here we are with Santa Clause.  The best part is we have a similar photo the last time we went to the calm for Christmas and Emma has the same reaction as Vivian. 

For New Years I was able to attend my Grandpa Cleons funeral, which I am so grateful I was able to be there for, and Mike stayed and watched the kids in Vegas.  Looks like they had a good time while I was gone.  Our sister in law Evelyn's mom came from China for a visit and we were able to meet her while we were in Vegas as well.  She is a very nice lady and although it was VERY difficult trying to communicate (she speaks only Chinese) she just loves children and thank goodness for google translate. 



These pictures were taken at our local park. We just had a fun family day at the park. I sure love this beautiful family of mine. They make me smile everyday.