Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Emma's Birthday and Other Fun Stuff

Our little Emma is not so little anymore, she just turned 5!  Can you believe it.  She will be going into kindergarten this fall and she is the one consoling me.  "It's o.k. mom, I will be home for dinner, you can see me then."  Oh, what a funny kid.  Her birthday fell on a Tuesday so we celebrated with her preschool friends.  She really wanted to get a cupcake cake and our friend Tiffany, who was hosting preschool, was so cute to have some fun decorations and party glasses for the kids to wear.  Emma got a doll house (stuffed animal house for Emma), a fishing pole to go fishing with Daddy, and some new sunglasses from Vivian.  We kept her birthday really low key this year since we are planning on having a big friend party next year.  She wanted pancakes for breakfast, Ramen Noodles for lunch, and for dinner we took her to John's Incredible Pizza.  We had a great day.  Emma brings us so much joy.  She has such a sweet and kind heart.  She is always looking for ways to help others be happy.  She is so full of energy and life.  She loves to play with her little sister and teach her new things.  She helps look after her whole family, and is really good at reminding her mommy to say a prayer and take 5 deep breaths when mommy gets grumpy.:)  We had an Easter party with our ward yesterday and she went around sharing her eggs with those who were upset they didn't get enough. (We did not prompt her on this)  She is such a good example to us and we sure love her!

 We had a preschool Easter party which was fun and everyone got good and messy.


I am officially 27 weeks and counting.  My due date is July 16th, but we'll see if I get that far.  Hopefully for the baby we will, but mommy's body is not what it once was.  :)  I have sure gained more weight this time around and that never helps.  Oh, well, he sure loves to move a lot and we just continue to hope and pray things will go well. 

We are looking to buy a van.  All of these expensive decisions remind me of how bad I am at making decisions.  I second guess myself all the time!  yikes, luckily my hubby is used to me by now and has been very patient.  Hopefully we'll get that van before the baby comes.