Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Emma's citizenship award

Last weekend Emma received a citizenship as well as an attendance award from her school.   I'm so proud of her and how hard she is working at school.   The award was for being on talk,  following directing,  being a good friend in the classroom,  etc.   All the things we were so concerned about,  here's hoping she continues to enjoy school and thrive from the structure it brings.

Preschool 2014-2015

We've begun our new year of preschool.   I'll be honest, I am usually more excited to teach when it is my turn.   My days have still been consumed with feeding Gordon that anything else just adds to the chaos.  I've been blessed to have him sleep through most of it and my kids have been getting sick on my teaching days so I really haven't taught too much yet.   We've been having fun when the kids come and it is so good for vivian to have that structured play and learning time.   Every year is so different with the variety of kids and their personalities and skill level.  We have a lot of younger kids this year.   Hopefully things will calm down and get easier so my joy of teaching return .

More "blessing "photos

I promised my mom I would get some better pictures of Gordon in his blessing.  2 months late and thankfully it just barely fit him still.   What a sweet boy, he sure brings us so much joy, we can't imagine or lives without him.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

October craziness

October is always a very fun yet stressful month.  I love all the fall weather (haha Bakersfield is still pretty much the summer).   I love all of the fall activities though that come with this month.   This year I thought I would just buy the kids some cheap easy costumes but then I changed my mind and decide to be crazy and make them.  Unfortunately  I spent so much of my time working on Emmas costume that luckily Vivians as well as mine and Gordon's i was able to just throw  together.  We had multiple parties planned between my recipe group for Halloween, Halloween party at the irishs, Mikes work Halloween party, my  preschool party and the Trunk or Treat as well as trick or treating.   Unfortunately for Emma she got sick which made it so we had to cancel the preschool party as well as Mike's party.  Luckily we got through all the Halloween festivities before Vivian got sick as well, poor kiddos. We had a lot of fun but I'm so grateful to have October over with.  The best part was Halloween night we had a giant rainstorm.  It was the first rain we'd had in many months.