Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Monday, June 21, 2010

Water Baby!

This past weekend Emma went swimming for the first time in a little kiddie pool. (I forgot that last weekend she went swimming in the babysitters pool) She loves water, and a great time. We really need to get her out more, I think we are going to go to the beach this week and I know she is going to love it. She loves playing in the sand and just getting wet.

I tried to get her to smile for me, but she was too concentrated on her playing.

Father's Day and Too Much Sugar!

Yesterday was a nice day in which we were able to spend more time with Dad on Sunday. He usually leaves early and doesn't get back until mid afternoon. It was nice getting to sleep in, although Emma decided to wake up at 5:00 a.m.. We had our Father's Day dinner on Friday, and we had Tri-Tip with all the fixins. I had never made it before, but it turned out alright.
Mike has been wanting a bird-feeder ever since we moved into our home so that's what Emma got her dad for Father's Day. We sure think Mike is the best Father and Husband in the world. It's nice when he get's spoiled every once in awhile, because he sure deserves it.

This past week we had 2 birthday parties and Father's day and so we really overdid it on the sweets. So much for our 1 dessert a week. We indulged in 2 birthday cakes, key lime pie, as well as 2 kinds of cookies. Pretty yummy, but boy does it make you sick when you aren't use to eating it that much.

It's Me...Finally!

I tend to go in blogging spurts because I'll have a lot of things to talk about and then nothing at all. This past week we had a lot of fun. First we had our friend Gigi from the ward over for a birthday dinner. She is a diabetic and so it was interesting trying to find a no sugar, no carb cake for her. In the end it turned out more like a chocolate omelet, but tasted pretty much like a brownie. Oh well, at least it was something.

I love these pictures of Emma because she is in the stage where she wants to be Mamma's helper. She loves climbing on the dishwasher and "helping" me with the dishes. It ends up being more of a game of how can Mom keep Emma away from the knives. EEEK!

She also loves food, and this particular time, Dad was giving her some of his chocolate chip cookie. I think she got more chocolate than cookie, but I don't think she minded too much.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Smattering!

So have you noticed that I go through posting kicks. I have all of these things that I have wanted to post about and so you get to hear about them all in a 2 day period. First off a couple of weeks ago I pulled out my sewing machine and made these cute little guys. I haven't sewn in forever and I've just had this random fabric sitting around my house and thought I could make some valances. They were so easy and really give my rooms some color. I was happy about how they turned out. I also wanted to show you all our garden. It is amazing to me that you can put a teeny tiny seed in some dirt, water it and in a month it looks like this..
These are our Mandarin oranges. Everything is doing great except for our lettuce and brocolli. I think it is just too hot. I knew it would be, but thought I'd try it anyway. I guess those will have to wait until the fall when it cools down a bit. I was amazed by this experiement. I always heard that you could take an eye of a potato, put it in the ground and it would grow. I had some potatoes that had sprouted and so I cut them up and planted them. A week later they started to bloom. I can't believe how well they are doing. I also planed the end of an onion and as you can see it is coming up as well. I need to move these around in my garden boxes, but I planted them all together because I honestly didn't know if they would really grow. As a first time gardener these are the things that make it fun. I'm sure actually "eating" these vegetables will be even better. Lastly, Emma has been walking really well for 2 weeks now and I still hadn't taken a video of her. This will have to do. Oh, she's just too cute.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So today Lock's of Love will be receiving this...

and my husband will be receiving this...

I have been wanting to cut my hair for awhile and just decided that today I would go ahead and do it. I havne't had bangs since I was 14 years old! It's fun. I can't believe how much I am starting to look like my older sisters. I am truly a Pierce all the way. Who would have thought.


Fun with Grandma Ann

This past week we were lucky enough to have Matt and Grandma Ann staying with us. Matt is going to be living with us and working here for the summer. He just got off his mission 2 weeks ago and it is great having him here. Emma sure thinks he is special. What a flirt she can be.:) Emma also loved playing with her Grandma Ann. We got to play at the park and Emma was able to spend some quality time with Grandma so that we all could go to the temple. They had a great time, except for I am having more problems with separation anxiety than Emma. I sure miss her when I am away from her. I hear that goes away after the second child.:) Grandma Ann has returned to Utah, but we sure loved the time that she was here. Thanks for visiting!