Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Growing Girls

So my kids are growing up so quickly.  Emma has been working on her potty training and she has been doing pretty well.  It really depends on the day for her and how reinforcement aka candy she wants.  I HATE bribing her with candy, but so far it is the only thing that has been working.  She knows how to do everything it's just up to her having the desire. 

Speaking of desire, Vivian sure hasn't had the desire to sit very much.  She can do it, but she prefers laying down.  She likes to be able to move, mostly roll and get the things she wants.  Well this rolling has turned into crawling.  She is so determined and it is so funny watching her figure it out.  She is very proud of herself.  I can't believe how quickly they grow up. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vivian at 7 months and Funny comments by Emma

So Vivian is 7 months old today.  At her last appointment she weighed 14 lbs 14 oz., so she is slowly, but surely gaining some good weight.  She loves her rice cereal and sweet potatoes.  The other day I bought her her first "sippee cup".  It is a training bottle that eventually can turn into a sippee cup.  At that moment I realized that she is only getting bigger.  I love this stage because they are still babies, but you can interact with them, and you can see them growing and learning so much.  It is fun watching them explore the world around them.  It is also hard when they are upset because they just look at you like, "why are you being so mean to me!"  We sure love Vivian.  This past week has really thrown me though because I am so used to her being my "easy" baby, but after getting her shots, 2 teeth, and a cold, she has been so miserable, and so has mommy.  Like I mentioned in my last post she has been having a hard time sleeping because of all these discomforts and it has been a real trial and error trying to figure out how to get her some sleep.  Mike is superman because he sure know how to calm our kids down.  We are all so lucky to have him, he is so patient.  At 7 months Vivian is rolling all over to get where she wants to go, she has 2 teeth, and is working on sitting up.  She is a little behind in this area, but we are working on it.  She just has no desire to sit, she can't get the things that she wants from that position.:)  Vivian loves to babble, grunt, and squeal.  She scrunches her nose in a super cute way when she smiles, especially at her daddy.  She loves sitting in her saucer, and she also loves sweet potatoes and rice cereal.  She has super fluffy brown hair on top of her head, which is fun since Emma was completely bald at this age.  We think we might have a toe head as well as a brunette.  At this point her eyes are blue-grey so they could either turn blue or hazel.  It will be fun to watch and see.  She has just brought so much joy to our family.

So I have to add some funny things that Emma has said lately.  Oh she is a funny kid.  While we were at the doctor the other day she saw a little boy that she wanted to play with.  She goes up to him and says, "My name is Emma" and then proceeds to bend as low as she can into a very respectful bow. :)  I was cracking up so much, I had no idea why she was bowing to this little boy. She continued to do it as well.  Too funny.  I remembered at Disneyland that they taught the kids that they should bow and curtsy whenever they meet royalty, or a princess.  I wonder if that was what she was trying to do. 

So on to the funny comments

  • "Mom it will be so fun when I am big like you."

  • "Mom are you going to go to play practice and have yellow hair?"  (I had shown her a clip from my high school musical days and she couldn't recognize me because of my "yellow hair".  So now she thinks that my being in a play means I go and have yellow hair.)

  • Another funny thing she did was when I went exercising the other day.  We were doing step and weight workouts and she proceeded to grab some dumb bells and did a VERY good job at imitating the moves that we were doing.  She was also laying on the mat and trying to do the same stretches as well.  She loves to try and imitate me when I am exercising. 

  • "For my party I want a purple present and purple balloons because purple is my favorite color!"  She also wants a play vacuum for her birthday.
She says so many funny things each day that I can't remember them all, but she just makes us laugh all day long.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shark and Sleep Deprived Kids

So I know it has been forever since I've posted, but up until the past week there really wasn't a whole lot going on.  Our biggest news and excitement has been the purchase of this little baby.  Our vacuum (which we spent like 50 bucks on) finally died and it was past time to get a new one.  I never realized how many different vacuums are out there and all with glowing reviews from some and terrible reviews from others.  It made the process of finding a good, yet reasonable vacuum somewhat frustrating.  After weighing the pros and cons we decided to by this Shark vacuum.  So far it has been wonderful.  According to Mike, whoever designed it did it in a very smart way.  Everything is so easy to access, and it is super good at sucking things up.  I have been loving it so much that I have been wanting to clean just so I can us it!  Oh, it has been lovely having clean carpet.  So yeah for the Shark!

For the past week or so Emma has been having a hard time sleeping.  She doesn't want to go to bed at night and has been waking up at 6:00.  She also does not want to be taking her naps.  She seriously just plays in her room for 2 hours.  I keep thinking that she HAS to be TIRED!!  I am not about to consider the possibility that she is just growing out of her naps.  Argh that sounds terrible!  Both she and I need her naps.:)  Also, Vivian has been having a rough few days as well.  She cut her first tooth, got her 6 month shots and developed a cold all within 3 days so she has been pretty miserable.  Because of this she has also not been sleeping.  She maybe gets 2 hours of sleep ALL DAY LONG!!  I don't know what to do and it is getting really frustrating.  Poor Vivian just wants to play or be held and she is not one to be "rocked" to sleep by mommy.  Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.  So at Viv's appointment she is doing pretty well.  She is almost 15 pounds and is a little behind on some of her milestones, such as sitting up by herself, but that is to be expected since she was born 5 weeks early.  She is getting stronger each day, and loves to "roll" herself all over the house.