Sharp Family

Sharp Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vivian at 4 months

How can you not LOVE that face!!

I can't believe our little Viv is 4 months old. She is sure a blessing to our family. She has changed quite a bit from the first two months. She sure doesn't sleep all day which is nice so we can see her smiling face.:) She is still a sweet heart, but is definitely getting more demanding as she gets older. She has a bit of a temper we are finding out. Emma just loves her and is such a wonderful big sister. She is always good to sing her songs or get her toys to help her feel better. Vivian's favorite thing nowadays is sucking on her hands. I swear I feed her, but she just has her hands in her mouth all the time. (We think she may be teething a little)
She also loves lying on her back. Sometimes she would rather lie on her back and be free than have us hold her. She gets a kick out of Rusty and he sure tries to get her attention as well. It has been a lot of fun seeing both Emma and Vivian grow so much in the past few months. We sure love them and can't wait to show them off to all our family in less than a week!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Most Random Day EVER!


So Tuesday started out as a fairly untypical day. Emma had preschool and I had a dentist appointment. Because of my appointment Vivian was going to be babysat for the first time. I headed off to my dentist appointment hoping that Vivian would survive. She hadn't been feeling well that past week and was very cranky. I got to the dentist knowing that I was going to have 3 minor cavities filled. Once they started the procedure I was surprised by how long it was taking and how much the dentist was drilling one tooth in particular. He stopped midway to let me know that it was a very deep filling and they were getting very close to the root. If he hit it they would have to do a root canal! Yikes!! Needless to say I was panicking. Not only did I not want a root canal, but I definitely didn't have the extra time to get one. I needed to get back and feed Vivian as soon as possible. Luckily the dentist was awesome and DID NOT hit my root so all was well. (Just an aside, I HATE going to the dentist and used to say that I would rather have a baby than go, but I have since changed my tune, and so getting fillings was a cake walk):) An hour and a half later I called the sister in my ward who was watching Vivian to let her know I was on my way. Luckily Vivian had just woken up and was doing well. I HAD left a bottle, but Vivian won't really take one anymore. So I am on a mad dash to go pick her up when I stop at a stop light and begin hearing this Meowing sound and someone honking. I look over and this lady is yelling to me from her car that some cat just crawled up into my car. WHAT!!! HOW RANDOM IS THAT!!! So here I am stopping traffic in the turning lane of a very busy road trying to get this cat to not only come out from under my car, but come out from the "body" of my car, not run out into oncoming traffic, and I didn't want to continue driving with the fear that I would run over or crush the cat. Urgh! The lady who stopped was trying to help me and we eventually were able to cross traffic and the get to a side street where the cat ran out and off the road. We followed the cat, which ended up being a little kitten, and after multiple tries were able to catch it. We didn't want to leave it there next to the busy road so I said I would take it home with me. (I figured my hubby wouldn't mind one bit) My vet was close by so I decided to stop and drop the kitten off there so that we could get it checked out before bringing it home. Mike's work is half a mile from the vet so I thought he could just meet me over there and stay while I picked up the kids. Yeah, so I got there and couldn't find my phone to call him. I had to use the vets phone and he wouldn't pick up because he didn't recognize the number. By this time it was time to pick Emma up as well and I was horrified by how late I was for picking up Vivian. I decided to just pick them all up with the little kitten still in the car, hiding under the seat. I picked up Vivian and she was fine. I felt like the worst mom ever though. I guess Vivian had done really well which I was grateful for. I decided to feed her at the sisters home and then pick Emma up, so I had to call and see if she could stay a little while longer at preschool. I got Viv fed, picked up Emma and FINALLY made it home.

Now we had to decide what to do with this kitten. We were finally able to lure the kitten into a kennel with some milk and put her in the bathroom. She was very scared and would hiss at us. We got her some food which she chowed down in a matter of seconds. Poor thing must have been starving. We got her a litter box and luckily she has been using it. We decided that it wasn't the best decision to keep the cat for a number of reasons, but first of all because we are leaving for Utah in a week. We posted on Craigslist, talked to the SPCA, etc but were having no luck. The shelter here will kill kittens if they are not adopted quickly. We have A LOT of stray animals here in Bakersfield. It is sad. So the shelter was NOT an option. We tried to take her to the vet, but the vet couldn't even get close to her in order to check her. We would have had to sedate her in order to even get a check up/shots. We decided to think about that for a day and last night I saw an add for a family that "fosters" small animals. They take the animal into their home, socialize it and prepare it for adoption. They said that they would be happy to take our little kitten. I couldn't believe what angels there are out there who are willing to do that. We feel so blessed and grateful that this cute little kitten will have a chance at a good happy life. WOW!! It has been an eventful last couple of days. Now on to cleaning my house and making food for the Recipe Group we are hosting tonight. AHHHH I must be crazy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Halloween Fun

I regret not taking more pictures this past month. We have participated in so many activities and don't really have too many good pictures to show for it. Halloween was a lot of fun. This was our first year taking Emma trick or treating and she had a mixed reaction to the whole thing. She LOVED getting candy which has been a trial in itself, but she was also very nervous of all the decorations. There were a few blow up figures that she wouldn't even get close too. I think she would be scared at Disneyland, she doesn't really like seeing people in costume. We had the Haney's over for dinner and then we took their daughter Haylee and Emma around our neighborhood. Haylee's costume was sooo cute.
I made dinner in a pumpkin for the first time and it turned out o.k. I think I need to stop inviting people over on Mondays because after the weekend our house is a mess and Mondays are my crazy day trying to clean everything up. All in all it was a good day and it was fun to have trick or treaters come to our house. Our first 2 years of marriage we never had ANY!

(Can you tell Emma is NOT feeling well, she wouldn't smile for any pictures.)

So after all those fun festivities we have come down with colds here at the Sharp house. Emma got it first and then it has been passed on to the rest of us. I am normally super lucky and don't get sick when the rest of family does, but I guess it was about time I got my fair share. It has been lasting awhile with Emma and making her pretty grumpy which in turn has honestly made mommy pretty grumpy as well, but we've been trying to take it easy.

Lastly, I have to share this cute story. All day long yesterday Emma kept asking for candy. After throwing some in the garbage and getting pretty annoyed at her continuous asking my cute hubby took her aside and gave a good little life lesson. He drew her this funny little stick figure and proceeded to teach her about bodies, how we all have bodies and Heavenly Father wants us to keep out bodies healthy and strong. He talked to her about exercising and to keep our bodies strong and how we also need to put good things into our body. (Candy was not a good thing for our body). We're sure it pretty much went right over her head, but I'm thankful for my children's father who is so good at trying to teach them and help them understand the "whys" of what we do.
We went on a walk yesterday and after asking for candy her dad told her she couldn't have any because she was sick. Her response, "I'm not sick, I'm feeling much better.:) We sure get a kick out of her.